The Ultimate Secret
To Making Work Flow

Agile is NOT just for coding software!

  • Agile Service Delivery methods will transform your process faster than any other method you could adopt.
  • Move to Agile Service Delivery and learn how a Pull method allows your team to create true Flow.
  • Stop using the outdated Stack-and-Run Push methods dictated by the PSA and Ticket System vendors.

Master Class

The Agile Service Delivery Master Class will show you how to create true Flow in your value delivery process

This course is specifically designed to teach you the most important tools and methods used in Agile Service Delivery so that you may create true Flow in your process. All content is presented in a clear and concise manner that allows you to take what you learn and begin implementing it immediately. Competency level testing is included in each Lesson.

Prerequisite 1

Ten Golden Rules of PSA and Ticketing Systems Training

Agile Module 1

An Introduction to Agile and the Competitive Advantage

Agile Module 3

Service Delivery Metrics and KPIs – Measuring What Truly Matters

Agile Module 5

Mastering The Service Backlog – Understanding Capacity, Capability, and Efficient

Agile Module 7

Leveraging Kanban and Making Work Visible

Agile Module 9

How Effective Agile Teams Work – Communications and Collaboration

Prerequisite 2

Working and Tracking Time in Real-time Training

Agile Module 2

The Tools and Processes to Support the Method

Agile Module 4

Understanding and Managing Workflow and Work in Progress (WiP)

Agile Module 6

Agile Service Delivery Coordination – Making Work Flow

Agile Module 8

Best Practices for Managing Workflow

Agile Module 10

Review, Follow-Up, and Q&A session

“Agile Service Delivery has transformed our business. We would never go back to stack and run!

It’s important to us to be on the forefront of the adoption of Agile Service Delivery. The more we push the envelope for response times and customer satisfaction, the more we push to become more agile. It is one of our biggest competitive advantages.”

– From a 2017 interview with Jason Etheridge

Jason R. Etheridge, President, Logic Speak


Many people have questions about the basics of Agile and how it can so easily be learned and implemented.

We’re dedicated to building the most robust knowledge base for Agile Service Delivery, and it starts with the basic frequently asked questions from visitors like you.

Question 1

What is Agile Delivery Service and why do I need it in my MSP? (Answer coming soon)

Question 2

How do you implement changes to your RMM and PSA tools relative to this program? (Answer coming soon)

Question 3

How do I do a portfolio of projects and how do I apply this method to service delivery operational readiness? (Answer coming soon)

Question 4

What morning huddle topics should be covered by help desks to ensure tickets aren’t missed, touched multiple times, sales isn’t involved, or similar issues? (Answer coming soon)

Question 5

How do I use Agile to more accurately set and communicate appointment time? (Answer coming soon)

Question 6

How do I use Agile to get and keep good customers? (Answer coming soon)

Question 7

How can Agile help facilitate consistency in base activities like making sure all servers get backed up and tested, Windows patching is occurring properly, etc.? (Answer coming soon)

Question 8

How do I use Agile to improve high transaction volume work? (Answer coming soon)

Question 9

How do you handle creating a baseline for current culture, defining where it needs to be for this to succeed, and then implementing the change? (Answer coming soon)

Question 10

Is implementing the Agile Service Delivery Method a quality or a quantity issue? (Answer coming soon)

“Adopting the Agile Service Delivery process has definitely changed our ability to service our clients more effectively.

The whole agile workflow mindset made so much sense to us, it was easy to transition. We would never consider going back to the old ways, it was chaos in comparison.”

– From a 2018 interview with Mike Ita

Mike Ita, President, IT Corps

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