Agile Service Delivery


An Introduction

Your Service Team Could Double Their Efficiency
In As Little As 30 Days Using “Agile” Methods!

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Secret #1 of Agile

Why a Pull-type service delivery workflow process out performs a Push-type process every time!

Secret #2 of Agile

Why too much Work in Progress (WiP) is, in fact, a time stealer and performance dampener!

Secret #3 of Agile

Learning to manage the work and not the people puts the focus where it should be – on the results!

The Three Main Things
This Course Will Teach You

#1 The Agile Process

How your team can eat through the service backlog faster than ever before and truly make work flow

#2 The Implementation

How to transition to Agile in 30 days without anyone getting hurt

#3 Leveraging Agile

How to exploit the new team efficiency to create even more customer value

“We've been working with Manuel as early adopters of his Agile Service Delivery methodology. It has definitely given us a competitive edge in our market, and we can't imagine changing back to hard scheduling and assigning tickets to everyone.

Our point of no return came when he showed us how our team was actually flowing in their work. By this I mean graphically showed us. We logged our techs' efficiency week by week, and you could see the results of endearing to the Agile process.”

Philipp Baumann

CEO, BoomTech, Inc.

“Agile Service Delivery has transformed our business. We would never go back to stack and run!

It’s important to us to be on the forefront of the adoption of Agile Service Delivery. The more we push the envelope for response times and customer satisfaction, the more we push to become more agile. It is one of our biggest competitive advantages.”

Jason Etheridge

President, Logic Speak

“Adopting the Agile Service Delivery process has definitely changed our ability to service our clients more effectively.

The whole agile workflow mindset made so much sense to us, it was easy to transition. We would never consider going back to the old ways, it was chaos in comparison.”

Mike Ita

President, IT Corps

Manuel Palachuk

Your Instructor

I have over 30 years of business, management, and training experience in the computer and electronics industries. I have owned several successful businesses, managed several successful IT and MSP service companies, and coached many more all over the world.

Agile workflow is how you will address the threats of tomorrow at the rate of change required to stay a leader in the industry!


Agile transforms your process from a push (stack and run) to a pull (Agile) process with significant benefits to the entire value stream


Agile workflow methods have been around for a long but they've never been propery applied to the IT Service Delivery process


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