Agile Service Delivery

The Mindset, Metrics, and Tools
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Join us for an information packed webinar focused on helping you get a clear understanding of how Agile can transform your Service Delivery overnight.

Matt Fox

Presented by Matt Fox and Manuel Palachuk

Manuel Palachuk

The 3 Things You Will Learn
  1. Why Agile Is The Superior Method
  2. Metrics To Drive Service Delivery
  3. The Power Of Making Work Visible
Plus Special Subject Focuses on how to effectively use a Kanban board!

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Free copy of Phoenix Project or Making Work Visible when you start Kanban trial by March 10

Matt Fox

Presentation Focus:

I will bring Agile to life by showing how to use Kanban boards to see the state of all your work, to identify team members who are overworked, to find rogue and neglected tickets, and to plan work for your whole project portfolio. And I’ll show how to re-engineer a common MSP process to make work visible. TopLeft offers Kanban boards for MSPs using ConnectWise or Autotask.

Manuel Palachuk

Presentation Focus:

My focus will be on helping you understand what Agile Service Delivery is and why it is so significantly superior to the old outdated stack-and-run methods the PSA and ticketing systems preach. I’ll also show you the metrics to drive significantly better performance for your team. We will provide you with numerous resources for learning more about our methods and tools in addition to Agile and Kanban in general.

Agile workflow is how you will address the threats of tomorrow at the rate of change required to stay a leader in the industry!


Agile transforms your process from a push (stack-and-run) to a pull (Agile) process with significant benefits to the entire value stream

Agile workflow methods have been around for a long time, but they've never been properly applied to the IT Service Delivery process

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