Labeling, Tagging, Identifying, Naming


The intent is to always label equipment, software packages, folders, etc. for easy identification especially used items. Used items that are not labeled will always cost time and energy in rework.

Labeling Equipment

Something goes here about using Brother Label machines
Something about custom equipment labels.

Tagging Equipment

A white toe tag should be used for all hardware that is not in the box. This excludes small consumable items such as net cables, power chords, etc. However, if the cable is not as expected such as a net crossover it should be tagged.
The label should indicate (at a minimum) the following:
• Where or What is it from?
• Current Status (Dead, Test, Do Not Use, Return to client)
• Date removed or updated status date.
• Technician(s) name
• Details on back

Asset or Resource Identification

Something about client provided asset tags
Something about MPI supplied asset or Identification tags (Managed/Unmanaged, Purchase Date, Etc.)

Software and Application Package Management

Machine Naming Convention





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