Modus Operandi

Continuous Incremental Improvement

This document represents the commitment of this company to continuous incremental improvement and the dedication to holding itself to a measurable standard. Having a core philosophy of working to standards and documenting everything is what it takes to be a learning company and to build a strong Knowledgebase. This means training of new employees is quicker, rework is reduced and it demonstrates a very professional appearance to clients and competitors. One of MPI’ primary goals are to continuously and incrementally improve its methods, practices and procedures through ownership of process and continuous useful feedback. It should be the primary rule that every time we touch a process we improve it.

Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision
A solid fabric of small businesses around the world, woven of strong culture and compass, with a dedication to quality products and services. (This is mine – Don’t steal it!)

Our Mission
To take you and your business to the next level. And I have the blueprint to do it! (This is mine – Don’t steal it!)

Our Values
Integrity, Compassion, Passion, Knowledge (study) , Experience (practice), Collaboration

What We Do (“Who” and “Do What” statement)
MPI designs, builds and supports Microsoft networks. (Or something like that…)

Our Tagline
I’m the coach that will take you to the gym, not just send you there! (This is mine – Don’t steal it!)

Our Mantra
Is this a profitable hour for MPI? Are we working in real time and on task? (Or something like that…)

Work Ethics and Core Beliefs

  • We believe in continuous incremental improvement in all of our policies, standards, procedures, or best practices to ensure a high quality of product and service delivery.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of MPI’s and our client’s information (Knowledge) is to be respected at all times. The assumption is that it is proprietary and coveted and is not to be shared, no matter how common it may seem.
  • In general, when things need doing in the office or for the business at large, we pitch in and help out whether it is in our job description, position agreement or not. We work together. There is no task that needs doing that any of us are above.
  • When something doesn’t work we bring it to an open discussion to evaluate it, think on it, and try something new. We will repeat as necessary until we find something that works better. We do not just keep doing things that do not work or do not work well.
  • We strive to hire the smartest talent we can get our hands on and therefore whenever anyone has an idea for improving things, we speak up! New ideas and ingenuity are encouraged and rewarded.
  • When we’re getting down to business, we get down to business. There is a time for work and a time for play and we will do our best to know the difference.
  • We dislike re-work and duplicate work. We strive to drive it out of our systems at every opportunity. Complete the work the first time around and close the loop.
  • We believe the most efficient way to work is to focus on one thing completely and when done or at a stopping point, we update our notes and documentation, log our time, and then move swiftly and cleanly on to the next task. Working and tracking time in real-time or as close to it as possible.
  • The client you are servicing right now is the most important client at that moment. Give that person or people your full undivided, uninterrupted attention and effort.
  • We only change focus or allow distraction to the one thing we are doing at the moment, if that interruption or distraction is directly related to the success or completion of the task at hand.
  • We know that almost any potential distraction or interruption can wait or be handled by someone else if the issue is correctly recorded in the PSA for others to access. That is to say; if the PSA is up to date and the Issue is a Quality issue with accurate Status, Notes, WITNS, etc. anyone else with the correct technical ability can take over that Issue or help it move forward toward resolution. It does not have to cause us to lose focus or redirect.
  • We believe in and strive to be a Learning Company and therefore we document everything. This also means we get as much information as possible as early as possible for issues and problems. We strive to get all the information the first time around and properly document it in the approved or appropriate location.
  • Our work is always performed according to applicable state and federal laws, regulations, and the like. We do not break the law for ourselves, our vendors, or our clients. – Ever.
  • To the extent possible our processes, procedures, and best practices for how we work will be systematized and documented. How we do things is MPI’s secret recipe and is not to be shared with anyone outside our company.
  • For anything where we have regulations, policies, standards, procedures, or best practices, our work will be performed to those call outs.
  • In areas where no regulations, policies, standards, procedures, or best practices exist, best judgment and effort will prevail but we will create the required regulations, policies, standards, procedures, or best practices from the work product and experience we gain in the “doing”.
  • When in doubt about best judgment we will always reach out to our team and ask someone. Our efforts must always support the belief in continuous improvement in how we accomplish our mission more reliably and efficiently for as many clients as possible.
    And when we do bring them up, we all agree to throw darts but not rocks.
  • We strive for closed loop communications with our team, partners, vendors, and clients. We will always respond to each other, our partners, providers, vendors, and clients (no matter what the medium) in a timely, appropriate, professional, and courteous fashion. We will always follow up with each other, our partners, providers, vendors, and clients with the best reasonable effort we are capable of. If someone has reasonably requested a status update because they have not heard back from us, we have failed them. The ball is always to be in their court.

Client Relations

Our customers and our interactions with them is the most critical portion of our business. Here are a few guidelines for consideration when working with our clients:

  • We must always strive to maintain a professional appearance and attitude.
  • We must always listen to the client and try to not just hear what they are saying but attempt to read between the lines.
  • Try not to let the client see when you’re frustrated. Not because we do not want to show emotion, but because we do not want the client to feel they are the cause of our stress or somehow a burden to us.
  • Get to know what type of client and end user you are dealing with. Some clients don’t have time or just don’t care to have casual conversation. They just want you to get the job done as quickly as possible without interrupting them. Some clients enjoy casual conversation. Both are OK.
  • Communication with the client is essential. Keep the client informed of what you are doing at all times using closed loop communications.

Partners, Providers, Vendors

Our partners, providers, vendors and our interactions with them is the second most critical portion of our business. Here are a few guidelines for consideration when working with our clients:

  • We must always strive to maintain a professional appearance and attitude.
  • More stuff goes here…

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