MPI Approved Technician and Engineer Tools


By adopting a set list of MPI approved tools for use by Engineers and Technicians we establish a level of professionalism for ourselves, an accountability and reliability to our clients and an expectation of repeatability and reproducibility in our work. Training new technicians will also be easier as we are not just saying “Go get something that works and use it”. Instead we will say “This is our chosen tool for this, learn to use it correctly”.


Any tool produced, certified, or authorized by a major manufacturer does not necessarily need to undergo the MPI approval process but may be selected for testing to verify if it is to be considered best of breed (The best tool for the job). Best of breed tools are simply favored as first to try and will be higher on the list than tools that perform a similar function.

Approval Process for “tools”

  1. Propose the tool for use and demonstrate it at the Engineers meeting. (or whenever)
  2. Proposal must have complete source and pricing info etc.
  3. Any interested Engineer or Technical can test the tool on their own machines or workstations but no production servers or client machines until approved.
  4. The tool can be discussed and further evaluated at subsequent Engineers meetings.
  5. Key Questions:
    1. Does it do something better than what’s available via the Software vendors or Hardware Manufacturer? Microsoft, HP, Dell etc.
    2. Is the tool cost effective and reasonably affordable?
    3. Does it actually save time, energy, or effort?
    4. Is it sturdy enough for the use? Server class, Desktop class, Home use, etc.
  6. On passing basic scrutiny a proposed tool will move on to field testing within a stated range of systems or scenarios. We will not release it to the wild for use just anywhere yet.
  7. Engineer meeting reviews will continue.
  8. On passing field testing a tool become MPI Approved and will be listed here.

MPI Approved Tools

First tool
Second tool

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