Service Call Guidelines

Travel Time Tracking

MPI Materials, Parts and Tools

Each technician needs to have the certain supplies and tools to be able to perform their daily work tasks.
Appendix A is the list of the minimum required items to have available or on hand for every visit to a client’s office. The technician is expected to maintain the on hand supplies listed (from MPI stock) at all times. That is to say, if something is used up or sold out of the tech’s supply they need to get it restocked as soon as possible. The intention is to never be on site without something you should always have on hand.

MPI will supply all the items on the list if necessary including a suitable container.
Once the list of items is assembled and inventoried the technician is to sign for the list of supplies.
A copy of their list will be maintained in their employee file. Once created, only major item additions and deletions will be tracked.
The technician is ultimately responsible for the care and inventory of the items.

Any delivery to a client, loss, damage, theft or other disposition of an item is expected to be reported to MPI in the appropriate manner as soon as possible. That is to say, if an item is delivered or left for a client to own and use it must be entered on the product tab of some SR in a timely manner so that it can get correctly billed. If an item is dropped, otherwise damaged, etc. it must be brought to the service managers attention immediately. The preferred method of informing the service manager is via email.

It is reasonably expected that the technician will safeguard any MPI property appropriately. It is expected that it will never be left in an unlocked vehicle or left in any vehicle overnight in a location that could be considered a high crime district.

Preparation for the visits

  • Always dress professionally.
  • Think ahead and obtain or arrange to have all of the following for the visit:
    • TechNet binder
    • MPI Materials
    • Tools – General
    • Tools – Specific as required
    • Hardware required for the job
    • Software required for the job


  • Park in Visitor or Guest parking as designated. Try not to take spaces close to the building out of courtesy.
  • Always park in a Pay parking lot vs. on street metered parking.
  • MPI pays for all parking fees while on the clock.
  • MPI does NOT pay for in and out fees if you choose to go somewhere for lunch other than what is available.
  • MPI does not pay for parking tickets.

On Site Routine

  • Follow the MPI guidelines for phone Etiquette.
  • Follow the MPI guidelines for Email Etiquette.
  • Check in with the client contact if possible.
  • Always work from an SR. If there is not one, create one, get it prioritized and go on.
  • Follow the MPI procedures for Service Request escalation.
  • We have an on-site minimum of 1 hour so:
    • Never leave the clients office without checking with the client contact to see if there are other things they need done.
    •  If they have nothing pressing then review and work on any open SR’s.
    • Attempt to put in the remaining time performing some desired and useful work either on the Server(s), workstation or at a minimum the Network Documentation Binder.
  • If there is time in the day move from one SR to the next keeping the PSA up to date as you go. It will allow you to get the most work done with the least clean up at the end of the day.
  • Never be in a hurry to get out of the office.
  • Check with Client Contact and convey status on all outstanding issues.
  • Make a final round check with all users especially those who had issues to be resolved.
  • If required, create Service Requests for all unresolved issues.
  •  Do not leave the site until the PSA is completely up to date.
    • Time
    • Travel Time
    • Mileage
    • Expenses (if possible)
    • Detailed work documentation including Internal Analysis notes.
    • Product delivered to the client. Billable or Not.

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