Service Request and Activity Prioritization Guidelines


These are only guidelines for assigning priority to Service Request. As always for success there must be a human factor.
Note: We do not assign Priority 1 to SR’s, they assign themselves.

Priority 1 – Emergency Response

  • More here…

Priority 2 – Quick Response

  • More here…

Priority 3 – Normal Response

  • More here…

Priority 4 – Scheduled Maintenance

  • More here…

Activity Prioritization

High Priority

  • Should be completed today before anything else but must be completed before close of business.
    Example: Get your Supervisor Evaluation form from last week completed and turned in.

Medium Priority

  • Needs to be done this week or the deadline is less than a week away.
    Example: Get signed up for next week’s Exchange training before all spots close.

Low Priority

  • Needs to be done but there is no specific deadline. Usually these items are more of a reminder.
    Example: Research CA Solutions Protection product to see if it is a viable replacement for SAV.

Last Update: May 13, 2019  

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