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This section should not grow too large as most items related to systems are actually Best Practices. Some entries here may also appear in the Best Practice document. For example: The default location for Engineer temp files is a best practice that should be imposed to everyone who works on any system we manage. However, we have specifically recorded our location standard here.

Default location for Engineer temp files

For all systems MPI uses, manages or works on there should be only one directory for all temporary files.
It is !Tech and should always be in the root of the boot drive.
If there is a large amount of data that could end up causing a drive to be low on space the !Tech directory should be cleaned out.
In general the !Tech directory should always be eligible to be purged unless someone is actively working on an issue, installation or at there is a ticket in the system and the files needed are waiting in the !Tech directory.

Password Defaults

The default password for all MPI local administrator accounts and for all managed services clients is to be set to: ?????????

It is assumed that unless specifically indicated, during any interaction on any machine, MPI or client, the password can and should be safely set to this default.

Last Update: November 27, 2018  

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