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All timesheets need to be maintained in real time for several reasons. The primary reason is it is the most efficient way to work for all involved. Second to that, the management process for completed tickets is to review the time and then Close the ticket. Once the ticket is closed, time entries cannot be made or changed without opening the ticket back up. This would require having to re-evaluate the ticket and close it again only because one time entry was added or altered.

Time Sheet Submission

Perform each of the following steps on every day’s entries before submitting your Time Sheet in the PSA.

  • Verify all the days’ time entries are contiguous for your shift i.e. from 8:30am to 5:30pm or 12:30pm to 9:30pm.
    • Scan down the Start/Stop column and verify each end time coincides with the next entries start time. Fill in all missing time slots.
    • Verify each time entry starts and ends on either a quarter hour marks (Field Service) or five minute mark (Help Desk).
    • Verify there are no overlaps in time entries.
  • Verify all entries have the correct “Where” entry (Remote or On-Site).
    • These are your time entries and no one knows better than you whether you were on Site or Remote so double check each entry and correct all those that have been miss marked.
      Note: This is very important because the client is billed according to their On Site or Remote hour minimums.
  • Verify all Personal and Vacation time entries have been correctly offset by a matching Deducted entry.
    • Scan the Charge To column for Personal or Vacation entries. Verify the Type/Role column indicates Personal.
    • For each Personal and Vacation entry verify that the time is zero hours. If it is not change the Deduct field in the time entry to completely off set the hours entered.
  • Verify there is a lunch break entry every day and the time has been correctly offset using the deduct field.
    • For each day there is not a specific Lunch break (Personal) time entry, find the time entry that overlaps the lunch break and verify the Deduct field entry completely offsets the time taken for that days lunch break.
  • Make all final revisions on time entries that you know need to be updated with tech, internal or billing notes.
    • Review all Time Entries and verify that the main Note section has sufficient information to support the time spent on that task. Update notes as needed to justify the time spent beyond what was estimated or is reasonable for the task.
    • Verify that the Internal Notes section has sufficient information to support either Why we should bill the client for this time (task not covered under Managed Services) or Why we should Not bill the client. (Rework, Too much time on task, etc.)
  •  Submit Time Sheet for approval.

If your Time Sheet is rejected review and correct each entry as noted in the email received from the PSA or as noted in the Time Sheet entry rejection notes then resubmit.

Time Sheet Approval Process

  • The Service coordinator reviews all the previous day time entry each morning for new techs or when a tech is still having trouble working and tracking time in real-time.
  • For example, On Wednesday morning you would review Tuesday’s entries. On Monday morning you would do a final day of the week review for Friday’s time entries, and then accept the time sheet for final overall review.
  • We review the following:
    • Start with first technician check all service tickets that they have worked on for that day check the following:
      • Correct contract
      • Service Type
      • Estimated time
      • Resolution was the problem solved
      • Grammar
  • Make sure they have 8 hours of time and meet the billable hour’s goal, you can hover over billable hours in the PSA and if it’s not meet it will be red.
  • Next click on report view \ Report type drop down all days this will give you the daily time entry as they get entered into the PSA.
  • Follow all the steps outlined in the Time Sheet Submission section above in reviewing Time Sheets.
    • Reject all incorrect or incomplete entries.
    • Use descriptive notes to ensure the entry is corrected the first time by the team member.
    • Enter all needed corrections into the Timesheet Review Email – Template located the Share site and send to each technician.
  • Note: Each incorrect entry must be individually marked as Rejected or the team member will not be able to edit the entry when their Time Sheet is rejected.
  • Reject the Time Sheet and include any additional notes in the final PSA notice that will be sent to the team member.

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